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MaxSeal PRO Wall Mount Pet Door

MaxSeal PRO Wall Mount Pet Door

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  • Aluminum Frame Construction
  • Weatherized Flap Prevents Yellowing & Shrinking
  • Security - Solid 1" ABS Steel Security Locking Panel
  • Trim-to-Fit Wall Tunnel (2" to 10" or 10" to 16")

Each Wall Mounted Pet Door comes with complete mounting hardware:

  • Instructions
  • MaxSeal Wall Model (includes inner frame with attached tunnel and outer frame)
  • Indoor Outdoor carpet
  • Insulated Security Panel
  • 1-1/4 inch #6 Phillips Head Screws
  • 1-1/4 inch #6 Security Screws for Tamper proof installations
  • 7/64 inch drill bit
  • Allen Wrench

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The newly designed MaxSeal® PRO pet door for walls features the newest design and functions available in pet doors today. New features include a metal 1" insulated interior security panel that provides the most security of any pet door when locked. The flaps of the MaxSeal® PRO have a unique aluminum hinged connection that allows for the flap movement to swing more freely as well as eliminating the pinch of the flap when larger dogs use the pet door. This results in your flaps lasting much longer between replacements. The MaxSeal® PRO still offers the best warranty on the market which covers the door and the flaps for up to 6 years from defect. It also has a 1-year replacement option for dogs that chew or destroy flaps. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

The MaxSeal® pet door is made with high grade aluminum material that is naturally rust resistant. This door will not only last but will look great throughout the life of the door. The durable piano hinged vinyl flaps are UV treated and weatherized to prevent shrinking, cracking, discoloring and warping. Most flap brands simply do not hold up against harsh environments (direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, overuse, etc). Staggered stainless strike plates are riveted to the sides and base of the flap, connecting to powerful embedded magnets in the aluminum frame, creating an exceptional air seal.

Best Pet Doors by Design™

The MaxSeal® PRO comes standard with a 10" trim-to-fit solid aluminum tunnel. For larger walls a 16" trim-to-fit tunnel is optional. This solid tunnel design deters moisture issues that can develop in cheaper design products. Indoor / Outdoor carpeting is included with your purchase to line the sides and bottom of the tunnel. We recommend using silicone to adhere the carpet to the tunnel. This will allow you to easily remove the carpet for replacement every few years. Adhesive can make this removal process very difficult.


Size Guide

Flap Size
Cut in Door
Exterior Frame
(overall frame size)
(w x h)
6"x 7 1/2"
8" x 9 3/16" 9 3/8 x 10 9/16"
7"x 9"
9" x 10 11/16" 10 3/8 x 12 1/16"
9" x 12"
11" x 13 11/16" 12 3/8 x 15 1/16"
11" x 16"
13" x 17 11/16" 14 3/8 x 19 1/16"
11" x 20"
13" x 21 11/16" 14 3/8 x 23 1/16
Tall Grand
11" x 25"
13" x 26 11/16" 14 3/8 x 28 1/16"
XL Grand
12" x 24"
14" x 25 11/16" 15 3/8 x 27 1/16"
Wide Tall
15" x 20"
17" x 21 11/16" 18 3/8 x 23 1/16"
15" x 24"
17" x 25 11/16 18 3/8 x 27 1/16
15 3/4" x 32"
17 3/4" x 33 11/16" 19 1/8 x 35 1/16"
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    Child Safety:
    OmniaPaws, LLC., recommends that households with small children need to exercise proper judgment with leaving their children unattended in any area with a pet door. Pet Doors come with locking panels and locking devices, using these devices minimizes any risk, but does not replace proper parental supervision.


    We recommend that any consumer that installs their own pet door wear eye protection and be familiar with the construction procedures and tools of installing a pet door.

    Virtually all doors use magnets for the activation of the pet door as well as in the sealing of the flaps. Customers with certain medical devices, for example; Pace Maker patients, should consult their physician.

    Self Adjusting Fit
    Accommodates Walls 2" - 16" thick

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Karen Giorgianni
    First Day

    I’m pleased that the doors seal firmly and that my 6 mos old Dachshund has no trouble pushing both flaps open.

    Brandon Johnson
    Great Product, Great Service

    My fiance and I just bought a new home and we have 3 dogs. We really didn't have a great place or doorway for the pups to leave and enter our home. We came across this product and ended up cutting through the brick of our home and using their product. It turned out great. We love it, the dogs love it, and it met a need. Strong durable materials and great customer service. I would highly recommend this company to all friends and family.