Collection: Strollers & Wagons

Introducing our fantastic collection of Strollers & Wagons from Ibiyaya. Our collection features the Ibiyaya Gentle Giant Pet Wagon Stroller, designed for larger pets who love to travel in comfort. For those with multiple pets, the Ibiyaya Double Decker Pet Bus offers spacious compartments and easy maneuverability. Need something compact and agile? The Ibiyaya Speed Fold Pet Buggy is your best bet. And if you enjoy jogging, look no further than the Ibiyaya Monarch Premium Pet Jogger, designed to keep your pet safe and secure while you stay active. Don't forget to check out our versatile Ibiyaya 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier-Stroller Combo - perfect for on-the-go pet parents. Explore our collection today and give your pet the stylish, comfortable ride they deserve!

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